Hudson Cup

Hudson Cup (1st Division & Any Representative Team)

Competition Regulations

Matches will be played by teams of 4 men and 4 women. The matches will consist of 3 men’s doubles, 3 ladies doubles and 2 mixed doubles. Each of the eight events will be the best of 3 games to 21 points (setting is allowed) using the rally scoring system. 1st and 2nd men’s and ladies doubles MUST be played in order of strength as MUST both mixed doubles pairs.

Match NoH/CapHome TeamDResultVResultAway TeamDH/Cap
1Woodvale 117V1Tarleton 12
2 Southport 111v7Churchtown 11
3Churchtown 215V3Woodvale 21
4Victoria Hall 118v0Crosby 13
5Southsands 113v5B Pioneers 12
6Mawdesley 117V1Victoria Hall 21
7W E Park 111V7Victoria Hall 11
8Woodvale 118V0B Pioneers 12
9Churchtown 212V6Churchtown 11
10Mawdesley 116V2Churchtown 11
11Woodvale 115V3Victoria Hall 11
12Mawdesley 1 5V3Woodvale 1

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