Tournament Winners 2015/16

A' Tournament (Open)
Mens singles Mike Johnston (Woodvale)
Womens singles No event
Mens doubles Chris Chu and Andy Owen (Woodvale/Churchtown)
Womens doubles Caroline Clucas and Caroline Walker (Victoria Hall)
Mixed doubles Mike Johnston and Hayley Harrison (Woodvale/West End Park)
B' Tournament (Open handicapped)
Mens singlesSteve Andrews (Mawdesley)
Womens singlesMillie Hyde (Woodvale)
Mens DoublesMike Johnston and Paul Maguire (Woodvale)
Womens DoublesEllie Rees and Annette Softley (Southport)
Mixed DoublesMike Johnston and Emily Miller (Woodvale)
C' Tournament (Divisions 4-7 handicapped)
Mens singles Ben Wilkie (Woodvale)
Womens singles Millie Hyde (Woodvale)
Mens doubles Owen Highton and Sam Chambers (Woodvale)
Womens doubles Vicky Wolfe and Clare Ormerod (Formby)
Mixed doubles Ben Keen and Sheila Neary (West End Park)
V' Tournament (O40's handicapped)
Mens singlesDavid Li (Churchtown)
Womens singlesNo event
Mens doublesMalcolm Banham and Dave Clark (Woodvale)
Womens doublesJayne Howarth and Trisha Thomas (Formby)
Mixed doublesSimon Christian and Hayley Harrison (West End Park)
Jack Blockley Tournament (U21 mixed doubles handicapped)
Nathaniel Brown and Chrissie Thorburn (Woodvale)
West End Park3
Victoria Hall1
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