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Dear Member

As we approach the festive period, I send this message hoping that all of you and your families continue to remain safe from coronavirus. It all seems fitting to update you on some things that have happened since my previous message.

The first of its kind took place on 28 October when the delayed League AGM from April was conducted via Zoom. The meeting was well attended in terms of representation by almost all Clubs. Some discussion did take place concerning whether league badminton would get started for the 2020/2021 season. Without exception everyone acknowledged that the current climate regarding the virus and the uncertainty in the coming months made it impossible to determine what would happen for this season. Of course, since that meeting, we have had another National lockdown and gone back into a Tier system of restrictions.

The good news is that a vaccine is now being introduced and one hopes that in due time the vaccine will have a positive impact on our way of life with some normality returning.

Although your League Executive will continue to monitor the situation, it is becoming somewhat clearer that whilst perhaps Club badminton might be able to happen in the next 2/3 months, it is extremely doubtful whether there will be any League badminton for the 2020/2021 season. I will obviously keep you updated on any developments.

Another item brought up at the AGM by several Clubs concerned Badminton England [BE] membership for Clubs and individual players. Taking on board the points raised I agreed to write to Badminton England expressing this League’s views on membership and asking BE to consider the issues raised.

Further to my email, sent to the membership section of BE and copied to Adrian Christy BE’s chief executive, setting out not only questions but putting forward ideas to fine tune the affiliation fees, I had a brief discussion with the membership manager over our points.

Over the coming weeks and into the New Year, BE has decided to carry out a process of re-designing Badminton England membership. To assist with this process BE is hold several meetings online in groups representative of Counties, Leagues, players, and other stakeholders to get their views and suggestions.

I am pleased to tell you that the Southport and District Badminton League will be represented in these Groups. Robbie Grindlay our League treasurer has agreed to be a member of the Groups and I know that Robbie will represent all of us competently.

Again, I will let you know of any news concerning BE membership.

Finally, despite the difficulties experienced by all of us, some more than others, some 9 months ago, I extend to all of you best wishes for Christmas and for a prosperous New Year.

All the best.

Malcolm Banham
League Executive Chairman

Ken Hughes

 It is with great sadness that I must inform all members of the League that Ken passed away this morning (Saturday 12 September 2020).

Ken was associated with badminton for a considerable number of years and played initially for Sandgrounders B.C before it became Southsands B.C following amalgamation. For several seasons until the present he was Treasurer of his Club. In addition, Ken was an active member of the League’s Executive and fulfilled the role of League Match Chairman, oversaw the League’s Town Teams and served on many of the Executive’s committees.

He also was a qualified umpire and member of the Badminton Umpires Association of England and as well as carrying out duties for that Association he also regularly umpired at League Finals and Tournaments.

Our thoughts and condolences at this time go to his sons Tom and Chris.

Malcolm Banham
League Executive Chairman

It is with regret that the League informs all members of the passing of Jim Prescott.

Jim played badminton at Tarleton BC for many seasons and latterly was a member of West End Park BC. He was also a member of the League’s Executive and for several years was Chairman of the Cups and Shields Committee. When he finished serving on the Executive Jim was invited and accepted becoming a Vice President of the League which he had served so well.

All our thoughts and condolences at this time go to Jim’s family.

Malcolm Banham
League Executive Chairman

To All Club Secretaries

Dear Secretary
2019/2020 season

Final League Tables
As everyone is aware the season was abruptly ended due to the Coronavirus Pandemic and the Officers took the decision that it was extremely unlikely that the season would be able to be re-started and concluded by completing all the outstanding fixtures.

Most teams within all divisions had almost completed all their fixtures with the majority, but not all, only having league week 18 to play.

The General Purposes (GP) Committee met this week to consider what would be the best method of determining a fair end position for each team in each Division.

The Committee agreed to use a method of adjusting season points totals using averages based on teams’ results thus far, translated into points, as though each team had played 18 matches (16 for Division 7). By applying this method would not require any assumptions/guesswork or even subjective opinions as to what results might occur in matches. This method also removed any need to refer to or consider any specific match(es) and its basis was on actual results of each team.

By employing this method enables an adjustment being made to teams’ existing points based on the following approach.

Establish an average of “events for (EF)” per match, for each team, by dividing the known EF by the number of matches played at the time the season was abruptly ended.

Whatever the average it is then translated into points i.e
Average of 4.50 and above    3 points awarded (Win)
Average of 4.00 to 4.49         2 points awarded (Winning Draw)
Average of 3.50 to 3.99         1 point awarded (Losing Draw)
Average less than 3.50           0 point awarded

Having established the points to be awarded (or none) as above then multiply these points by the number of matches not played by each team.

The results (see attached tables) then provide for an adjusted figure to be added (in Red) to the existing points shown for each team to provide final points total and league positions for each Division.

Shields and Watkinson Trophy Finals
With much uncertainty about when badminton may be able to resume it was decided that it would not be possible to play the above finals for the 2019/2020 season.

Because of the exceptional circumstances it was decided that for last season the  finalists in the three Shields and the Watkinson Trophy would be regarded as joint winners.

It is customary for players of the wining team in the Watkinson to receive medals from the League. With there being shared winners for 2019/2020 season the League has decided that both teams will receive medals.

Finally, since there are many questions for which there are no answers at present, together with continuing doubt about how and when badminton might resume, the GP Committee did not take any decisions concerning the 2020/2021 season. Obviously, I will keep you informed of any developments and when decisions have been taken regarding next season.

In the meantime, please keep safe.

Best regards
Malcolm Banham
League Chairman
21 May 2020

With the 2020/2021 season with us it is so pleasing to reflect that this badminton year ahead of us will be the 88th season since the Southport and District Badminton League was founded. That is some achievement and is a credit to all who are playing/ have played or contributed voluntarily to the sport. Not only does our League continue to flourish but has the largest number of players registered in any League in Lancashire. Long may this continue.

To all of you, whether players, club officials or supporters/spectators I welcome you to yet another season and hope you get continued enjoyment from the badminton played within our League.

I am delighted that the League’s sponsor, Master Lock and Safe, continues to provide invaluable support not only financially but through attendance at various finals, events during the season. As they embark on their 9th season of sponsorship, the contribution to the League by Martin and Di Taylor should not be underestimated.

Following discussion at the AGM in April, the view of members present at that meeting was that a hard copy of the League’s handbook should continue to be produced and provided to all members. To achieve cost neutrality of this publication, it is vital that the League attracts enough advertisers willing to advertise in the handbook. I would urge all of you to consider whether you, an individual or a business would be willing to purchase an advert. If you do, then please contact me for more information. My contact details are included in this handbook under the League Executive entry.

At the AGM it was also agreed that a Singles league should be introduced and, I am pleased to say that arrangements have been put in place for this to start this season. It is to be hoped that this venture will prove not only popular but enjoyable for those who wish to play singles competitively. Details relating to the Singles league will appear over the coming weeks on the League’s website.

Another new initiative which hopefully will be introduced and tried out this season, is the opportunity for those who are interested, to attend over a weekend, trials for the League’s town teams. This means that those who wish to be considered for a town team can do so by attending the event. Confirmation with details of time(s) and venue will be sent to all Clubs in due course if arrangements are able to be made for this season, as well as being advertised on the League’s website. There will be a nominal charge for those taking part in the trials.

As I have stated previously your League Executive always endeavours to do its best on behalf of you, the members. It is never averse to considering proposals that if adopted would enhance the League. If you feel you have such a realistic, practical idea then please let me know and it can be considered by the Executive. After all the League operates for the benefit of its members.

Finally, I wish all of you, whether as a player, official or spectator best wishes for the season. and hope you get maximum benefit and enjoyment from the sport.

Kind regards
Malcolm Banham (Chairman)

Welcome to the Southport & District Badminton League website. Here you can find out information about all the clubs that make up the League and all the latest news and information.

The League started in 1932 and is one of the biggest leagues in the country with over 65 teams participating across 7 divisions. Throughout the year, a variety of individual tournaments take place. These include open and handicapped events, making them accessible to all league players.

There are also team cup and shield competitions which are in a variety of formats and take place during each half of the season.

The League is made up of numerous clubs spanning from Crosby to Hesketh Bank. For more information about all of the clubs that make up the League and contact details, please see the ‘Clubs‘ section.

The League has a reputation as being one of the strongest in the region with internationals such as Joanne Wright, Sarah Sankey and Miles Johnson all having played in the League.

For all the latest news and information, you can also follow us on facebook.

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