Division 6

The 6th division has ten teams all playing at least one match a week starting on the 1st of September to the 31st of March. When the season is over, the two teams at the bottom of the league table will be relegated and the top two teams from the 7th division will get promoted.

 PlayedWonW DrawL DrawTieLostEvents ForEvents AgainstGames ForGames AgainstPoints ForPoints AgainstPoints.
Churchtown 52200001332798175676
Southsands 422000012426106965706
Hesketh Bank 3110000621203082453
Crosby 2110000621253342563
Burscough Pioneers 420000261016236777450
St Cuthberts 42000023133265076390
Southport 8100001265122563340
Woodvale 80000000000000
Southport 7100001080162084370