Division 3

The 3rd division has ten teams all playing at least one match a week starting on the 1st of September to the 31st of March. When the season is over, the two teams at the bottom of the league table will be relegated and the top two teams from the 4th division will get promoted.

 PlayedWonW DrawL DrawTieLostEvents ForEvents AgainstGames ForGames AgainstPoints ForPoints AgainstPoints.
Tarleton 2531100251559371862171012
Ormskirk 252100217233953166118388
Mawdesley 342100115173737137413668
Churchtown 3320001177361911049566
Burscough Pioneers 252000316244256174318296
St Cuthberts 141120117153739141914085
Southsands 241010214183542140713834
Woodvale 440100312203344133114382
Tarleton 34000048242056118714550