Division 2

The 2nd division has ten teams all playing at least one match a week starting on the 1st of September to the 31st of March. When the season is over, the two teams at the bottom of the league table will be relegated and the top two teams from the 3rd division will get promoted.

 PlayedWonW DrawL DrawTieLostEvents ForEvents AgainstGames ForGames AgainstPoints ForPoints AgainstPoints.
Ormskirk 1161121028741189975548479938
Southport 2161110049236198965709475935
Tarleton 11511100378421701005195455435
Burscough Pioneers 1169210482461881155695517332
Mawdesley 2168220475531721325784538130
Woodvale 3166210766621571435453546323
Hesketh Bank 1155040652681231554902510919
Southport 316121012339589203487957378
West End Park 21300001389628196310046480