Division 1

The 1st division has ten teams all playing at least one match a week starting on the 1st of September to the 31st of March. When the season is over, the two teams at the bottom of the league table will be relegated and the top two teams from the 2nd division will get promoted.

 PlayedWonW DrawL DrawTieLostEvents ForEvents AgainstGames ForGames AgainstPoints ForPoints AgainstPoints.
Victoria Hall 1980100657133243229215925
Woodvale 19710016012125353207211123
Mawdesley 19611015319107582971246521
Churchtown 19601025319115483147255619
West End Park 1950004333982913040303615
Churchtown 2932004314172882669294113
Southport 193000629437393289130249
Woodvale 2920106185446114240630937
Victoria Hall 2910008116133126222031303
Southsands 190000976525133194132060